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Which parcels of land are we talking about?

The town owns a number of properties, only some of which are the subject of this initiative. Other properties such as Town Hall itself, or sites used to support utilities, or that are too small to be of use for open space, are not at issue, and some other existing open space properties are already legally protected from being changed.

The seven colored bands in the following table identify the parcels in each of the seven contiguous chunks of open space that are proposed to be the subject of this initiative. (Maps showing the location and extent of each of these seven chunks may be viewed by clicking on the "Maps" button above.)

There is a status code opposite each to indicate its level of vulnerability. The meanings of these status codes are given below the table.

APN Location Size
Description Status
182-04-073 Purissima 10.2 Little League Field & Corp. Yard 3
182-28-039 Altamont 14.96 Westwind Barn 1
182-21-016 Altamont 50.25 Byrne Preserve 2
182-22-014 Moody Court 25.27 Byrne Preserve 2
182-22-023 Moody Court ~7.8 Byrne Preserve 2
182-22-022 Moody Road ~3 Byrne Preserve 2
182-48-020 Byrne Park Lane 2.03 Byrne Preserve 2
182-29-045 Central Drive ~1.04 Byrne Preserve 3
336-31-023 Rhus Ridge ~4.45 Rhus Ridge 3
336-30-012 Moody Rd/Rhus Ridge 0.68 Rhus Ridge 3
336-31-022 Rhus Ridge ~1.2 Rhus Ridge 3
336-42-019 Dawson Drive 13.07 Juan Prado Mesa Preserve 3
175-39-012 O'Keefe Lane 8.12 O'Keefe property 1
175-25-059 W.Edith/Fremont ~1 De Anza (Edith) Park 3
351-37-001 South of Murietta Lane 13.9 Murietta Ridge 3

Status 1 This property is extremely vulnerable in that it could be sold at any time to a developer with few if any constraints upon its use
Status 2 This property is partially vulnerable in that there are some constraints associated with the land title. In the case of Byrne Preserve for example, there is a clause whereby The Nature Conservancy (that actually donated the land to the Town) reserves the right to take the land back if any usage change does not meet with its approval.
Status 3 This property is less vulnerable in that either its land title contains explicit restrictions on its use, or its location, size, or topology render it unattractive to a developer. However it could become vulnerable over time for various reasons (e.g. restrictions have limited life-span) and should be given added protection to assure future status.
Note: The above status designations are subject to being updated as we research these properties in greater depth.

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