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Where are we right now?

We've done all the legal work, filed all the necessary douments with the various authorities, published the official notice of intent in the local paper, and collected the necessary signatures.

To qualify for the ballot, we needed to have about 820 signatures - we got those within two weeks of our October 30 start. Then we went on, planning to go for about 1100 so as to ensure a comfortable margin in case any of the signatures are rejected as invalid. We ended up the day after Thanksgiving with 1240.

On Monday 2 December, the signed petitions were delivered to Town Hall.

On Friday, December 6th, we received official word from our City Clerk that the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters had issued a Certificate of Sufficiency - in other words, we had obtained enough valid signatures. Thus our initiative has passed its next step on its way to the ultimate goal of preserving our open space and recreational areas.

Now it is up to our Town Council who face a choice. They can either adopt it directly, or call a special election.

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