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Dedicated to protecting our open space assets for the future

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The purpose of this initiative measure is to assure the long-term preservation of Town-owned open space and recreational properties. The unique character of the Town of Los Altos Hills and the quality of life of its residents depend on protecting the significant environmental, aesthetic, scenic, and recreational benefits that these lands provide to the community.

Indeed, the existing General Plan of Los Altos Hills states:

"All residential areas should have public land available for recreation within approximately one-half to one mile distances. Th(is) requirement... may be met by open space preserve land in public ownership and public recreation areas."
The combined 157 acres, approximately, of Byrne Preserve, Juan Prado Mesa Preserve, the O’Keefe Property, Murietta Ridge, Rhus Ridge Properties, Little League Fields, Westwind Community Barn and its facilities, and Edith Park constitute some of the most valued land in the Town and are critical to preserving this mandate.

In addition, requiring a vote of the people before any proposed redesignation, sale, abandonment, or other disposition of these parcels, would give the electorate an opportunity to act as good stewards of these resources for future generations.

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