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Initiative and "Notice of Intent to Ciculate" delivered to City Clerk

LOS ALTOS HILLS, California, October 2, 2002 --

On Tuesday, October 1, 2002 the Los Altos Hills Open Space and Public Recreation Initiative was submitted to the Town of Los Altos Hills.

The "Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition" was given by three members of the LAH Open Space Committee (Nancy Couperus, Tom Gutshall, and Elaine Nelson) "for the purpose of amending the General Plan to readopt existing Open Space and Public Recreation designations over certain Town-owned lands, to redesignate certain other Town-owned lands as either Open Space or Public Recreation, and to require, with certain exceptions, that the Town-owned properties described in the Initiative not be conveyed, sold, or abandoned in whole or in part for any purpose except pursuant to a vote of the Town electorate."

The Initiative can be found on the LAH Open Space website: www.lahopenspace.com The exhibits accompanying the Initiative (maps, etc.) are not on the website. However, they can be provided if requested.

The Town Attorney has 15 days in which to comment and to write the Title and Summary of the Initiative before publication and signature gathering take place. Eight to nine hundred signatures (15% of the registered voters) will be required.

Only two candidates for Town Council -- Dean Warshawsky and Breene Kerr -- have supported, endorsed, and pledged to adopt the Initiative if elected to the Council. Janet Vitu and Bill Kerns have declined to do so.

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