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Candidate Endorsements and Status Change In O'Keefe Property

  • Two candidates running for Town Council endorse initiative
  • Restrictions on O'Keefe property are lifted enabling sale by town

LOS ALTOS HILLS, California, August 2, 2002 -- Two aspiring candidates for Town Council have asked to be listed as endorsers of the Los Altos Hills Open Space Initiative. Dean Warshawsky and Breene Kerr have requested that their names be listed as supporters of Town-owned open space and recreation properties. Although the initiative is still in the drafting process, the two are committed to helping to get the initiative passed to protect six key open space and recreation properties in the Town of Los Altos Hills.

These properties include: Westwind Barn and Byrne Preserve, O'Keefe Open Space, Rhus Ridge properties, Juan Prado Mesa Preserve, Little League Fields, and Edith Park. Descriptions of these properties can be found on the LAH Open Space website - www.lahopenspace.com

On July 24th the Town received notification from the California Department of Transportation that the encumbrances restricting the O'Keefe property for "public use" have been removed. The current Town Council has pushed hard to have these restrictions removed in order to be able to sell the land. The endorsers of the Open Space Initiative believe that the sale of public assets shouldn't be allowed without a vote of the residents.

Organizers of LAH Open Space have been informed that the Open Space Initiative will not make the November 2002 ballot due to time lines for filing, gathering signatures, etc. However, they are optimistic about getting the issue to the ballot for a special election in 2003.

Los Altos Hills residents wanting like to learn more or who would like to help should contact Nancy Couperus at couperus@mindspring.com or Val Metcalfe at metcalfes@worldnet.att.net for more information.

Contacts: Nancy Couperus (650) 941-4808 couperus@mindspring.com
Val Metcalfe (650) 941-7481 metcalfes@worldnet.att.net

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