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A visit to the O'Keefe property

Taken shortly before dusk, this panoramic view is from the North-East corner of the property and looking West toward the coastal mountains which can be seen in the distance. If your screen is not big enough to display the whole width of the picture, be sure to scroll horizontally to appreciate the full view
A wide corridor leads along the upper boundary, threading between dense growth on either side
A magnificent Heritage Oak that has watched history pass by since the Ohlones gathered its acorns. Signs of wildlife are apparent here, even to the casual passer-by.
Down by the creek, shady thickets provide shelter for both land animals and pond-dwellers.

As a child, did you ever get to examine the inhabitants of pond water under a microscope? A priceless joy of youthful exploration that needs to be preserved - before the few remnants of nature are all landscaped into oblivion.

(Photography - Jitze Couperus)

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