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Map of The O'Keefe Property

O'Keefe Lane leads off El Monte just before you reach the Highway 280 on-ramp when coming from downtown Los Altos and going toward Foothill College. Going up this lane you will pass a water tank on your right. Just beyond this point on the other side of the road is the pathway entrance onto the O'Keefe property.

While this land belongs to the town, Caltrans holds a deed restriction that essentially keeps it in open space. The deed has a reversion clause if the property is not maintained for public use. The town now has asked Caltrans to lift the restriction. Caltrans has responded that within six months a decision will be forthcoming. It is expected to be favorable to the town's request. As soon as this restriction is lifted, this land becomes vulnerable as a very profitable "asset" for the town when priced in terms of dollars, rather than valued for what it contributes to the neighborhood and the town as a whole.

Marks the O'Keefe property.

The other various colored lines on the map represent either existing trails, or easements for trails that are or were planned at some point.

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