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Maps of the properties at issue

While there are a number of actual "parcels" of land involved, they may be summarized as comprising seven major contiguous areas located in different parts of Los Altos Hills. Each of the following links will take you to a map showing the location and extent of one of the areas.

These maps are derived from the "2002 Master Path Map as proposed by the Town Pathways Committee" on which the relevant parcels have been colored in for purposes of this web site. Please note that the outlines shown for these areas represent our best understanding at this time - in some cases it is not clear where the lot lines run for a given parcel, or which actual pieces of land are owned by the town or adjacent property owners. At this point the maps should only be used as a rough guide as to the location and outline of the relevant properties.

The various colored lines on these maps are from the town's pathway map, and denote either existing or (formerly) planned trails or trail easements. They are irrelevant to the purpose for which these maps are shown here, but nevertheless provide a useful context in which to examine the open-space or recreation role of these properties.

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